8 Fascinating Funeral Traditions Around the World

2531072604_9d3d5d6bccWe live in a beautifully diverse world. From religious and cultural practices to a plethora of beliefs, it’s what defines us a group and society.

For one, burials and funeral traditions vary from one country to the next. In fact, there are plenty of strange albeit fascinating funeral traditions around the world that continue to boggle our minds. This is the very reason why many tourists flock from one side of the world to the next.  Read more

Counselors Tips: How to Cope with Christmas Grief

30888073824_1f11593099Christmas is a joyous season for many. However, not everyone feels the same way. There are those who have just recently lost someone and the holidays may be nothing more but a time to remember what was lost. This becomes an exceptionally challenging time for them. Read more

Helpful Funeral Etiquette Tips

29450965401_15a6e4decbDealing with the death of a loved one is the most excruciating ordeal people go through. While it may be difficult for one to act in a supposed “certain” way when they lose someone they love, proper funeral etiquette remains as an essential part of the occasion particularly among those who are attending and offering their condolences. Read more

6 Celebrities Who Had Near Death Experiences

5595634322_968c2f4684Near death experiences never fail to leave people in awe and speechless. Sometimes, we find ourselves thinking what happens if we were in that situation, if it was us fighting for our dear life only to be given a second shot.

Undoubtedly, near death experiences of celebrities are even more interesting. They run the world, have infinite wells of riches and their lives, highly publicized. However, they’re no different from us when faced nearly with death. They are their most vulnerable. Read more

6 Crazy (Funny) Things that Ever Happened in a Funeral

26580185554_d446e549a1Funerals are undoubtedly mournful occasions. There’s nothing worse than losing someone near and dear to you. However, like all coins, there are two sides of it. Despite everything that’s burdening us during these trying times, humor has a way of injecting itself in crazy albeit entertaining ways. Read more

Transporting a Deceased Body in Canada

26695077496_96d0f2878e_mTo deal with death is to deal with something uncertain and almost uncontrollable. To say that it’s difficult is a complete understatement. That being said, it’s even more challenging when someone dies abroad. Read more

Death Hoaxes: 12 Celebrities Killed Off by the Internet

5336135148_e12759c4fbFamous death hoaxes have plagued the Internet for quite some time now. However, they’ve existed way before wireless connection was even possible. In fact, one of the earliest examples of a death hoax is in 1945, when Charlie Chaplin and Frank Sinatra was reported dead after Franklin Roosevelt’s passing. Another famous rumor was that of Paul McCartney’s death in ‘60s. Read more

UK’s Most Prolific Home Economist, Marguerite Patten Dies at 99

MargueritePatten_9_1887742bLong before Jamie Oliver taught us how to make the healthiest meal out of the cheapest ingredients, Marguerite Patten taught the British community how to turn a ration into a delightful feast — and that was during World War II. Read more

Funeral Culture: Ancient Egypt vs. Christianity

8543145023_cd4efa331fAlthough Ancient Egypt is a thousand years apart from the Christian era, an astute historian can draw uncanny similarities between two civilizations. There are key cultural aspects that seem too familiar between Ancient Egyptians and Christians. Examples include the power in state affairs, the divine right of pharaohs and kings to rule their subjects, and how clerics are regarded as the sole authority in academics and sciences. One may be surprised that Ancient Egyptians and Christians are not so different in their attitude and practice of treating their dead respectably. Here are the following examples: Read more

Je suis Charlie: The Unexpected End

Funeral PlanningFreedom of speech is something that a lot of people value the most. It is a powerful tool that people use to convey their opinions. Although it is something that is considered to be free, it is also something most people sorely need. There are those individuals who do not have the freedom to actually get their voices heard. To be able to speak your mind freely without limitations is a gift. Read more