Cremation Vaults Essentials

Cremation Vaults EssentialsWith the increasing number of people who would prefer cremation over the traditional burial, more companies are now offering cremation services.

Many people place portion of the ashes of their loved ones inside urns. They keep them inside their homes while the rest are scattered in different locations. Although, some individuals still prefer to have a traditional burial of the remains after cremation.  This means that body of the deceased will be cremated first and burry the ashes after the process. This can save the family a huge chunk of expenses in terms of the funeral prices.

When the ashes will be buried, the family would need to secure a cremation vault which holds the urn and protects the remains of your loved one.

Here are important facts about cremation vaults:

  • Many cemeteries would require for the family to use a cremation vault before they are allowed to bury the remains of their loved ones in a traditional fashion. Although, there are also those that do not require, it is a better option to place the urn inside the vault before burying it so that the remains can be protected.


  • Aside from protection of the remains, these cemeteries also require vaults to avoid contamination of the soil in the area as per rules and regulations of the state.


  • Most families resort to cremation because it is generally cheaper than a traditional funeral. People might think that buying a cremation vault is just an addition to the fees but this really is not the case. You will get to honor the wishes of your deceased loved ones if they requested to be buried at a more affordable rate since you will be able to find cremation vaults as low as 100 dollars. This is way cheaper than buying caskets for thousands of dollars.


  • Different designs and materials can be used for these vaults. The type of material can affect the price of the vault including any additional features such as waterproofing and seal.