Who you were……………………………. for Barney

By Amanda Restivo

(sister wrote for her brother who died from substance abuse)
I see your smile of the past
You would always make us laugh
Life was forever free
And you were all you could be
Then came time
There were burdens to share
Sadly those you could not bear
Deep within your mind you went
You became not who you truly were
Life became dark
The substance took over
Your eyes filled with tears
The pain was forever
The memories of the past are clear
And when we see tomorrow
You will be nowhere near
When we look for your smile
All we see is the sorrow
But what has happened has brought us close
The memories of your life will always live on
With the sparkle in your eyes
And a smile on your face
In our hearts you have filled a special place
So when we think of you
We will forever reflect back
To who you once were