Great Ideas for Memorable Eulogies

Memorable EulogiesWhen you feel deeply towards a person who just passed away, it is often difficult to find the right words to say when asked to give a speech during the memorial service.

You can learn how to write eulogy through different inspirations that you see around you. You do not have to be very elaborate on your eulogy. Sometimes, the simplest words can have the most impact to the people who are listening.

If you are still in the process of making one, here are some good inspirational ideas that you can use:

  • Use the favorite song of the deceased as an inspiration. Look back on the songs that the deceased family members were constantly listening to and remember a few thoughts that they have said about the lines of the song. Use them to create a meaningful and personalized speech about the person and relate his experiences to the thought of the song. You can even sing a few of your own favorite lines of the piece and explain why that line has struck you the most while relating it to the deceased individual.
  • Don’t be afraid to include past struggles and painful experiences. The common notion for everyone who is assigned to write a eulogy is that everything has to be beautiful and happy because death is already a sad event. But you can use past experiences with the deceased that were not very pleasant. In turn, you explain to the people how that experience has made both of you become better persons and how it developed your relationship even better. Include a few funeral quotes in there so that the listeners will also learn a lesson out of the experience.
  • Tell the people how the deceased has influenced you in your life. The best way to honor a deceased loved one is to remember him through his good deeds and positive influences toward the people around him.