How Should a Post-Funeral Gathering Go?

funeral servicesMany families extend their funeral planning beyond the burial and hold a gathering with close friends and relatives. This will give the latter time to condole with the bereaved and remember their experiences with the deceased. Some will hold this gathering at the funeral home or at any private residence. The family must inform the persons they want to invite the time and location. This can be done with a simple announcement after the burial or after the memorial at the church.

What to Serve

A meal is not mandatory in post-funeral gatherings, but if you want to serve food, funeral homes can help you with this part. Small sandwiches and other finger foods are the usual fare, although there is no rule against a formal sit-down dinner if the family are partial to that.

If you are holding the event, be aware that some guests might bring food items like cakes and cookies so you need to arrange  with the funeral director if you are expecting a larger spread. Those who attend this gathering will not also be expecting a full-course meal so there is no need for you stress out on what food to prepare.