Jane Henson Dies at the Age of 78

Jane Henson The Muppets were very popular beginning in the 1960’s even until today. Many people are aware that The Muppets was created by Jim Henson. But it was actually a joint effort between Jim Henson and his wife Jane Henson. Jane was also an American puppeteer and she worked with Jim in the show Sam and Friends. Jim passed away in the year 1990 and on April 2, 2013 Jane Henson also breathed her last. Although the funeral songs for her memorial won’t be sung by the characters that they created, she will definitely be remembered for her contribution in the puppet industry.

Jane was with Jim when they both changed the way puppets were shown on air. During the time that they introduced the Muppets, other puppeteers were still using old methods where the puppeteer would hide on a screen or sit beside the puppet. They also introduced new puppet show varieties where the puppets would lip synch popular songs during that time and even recreate scenes from other shows and try to spoof them. Jane was Jim’s performing partner for 7 years.

When the couple started to have kids, Jane decided to dedicate her life in raising her children. Unfortunately, Jane and Jim separated in 1986. Even though they have been separated from each other in marriage, they were still important parts of each other’s lives. When Jim died, Jane even established a foundation under his name to continue to commemorate his creative influence in today’s entertainment industry.

Jane Henson was definitely a role model among many women because of her dedication to her family. A month before her death, one of her daughters announced that Jane was diagnosed with cancer. It wasn’t far along when the family announced on April 2, 2013 that Jane Henson had already passed away in Connecticut at the age of 78. Funeral quotes have been posted in numerous blog sites and social media pages from supporters and fans of The Muppets.