Call of Duty: To Serve Until the End

call of dutyPreparing for one’s own death is something that almost all individuals are not ready to do. It is quite scary to actually prepare for it. Some people who are terminally ill are relatively ready for what the future may come for them. This is because they have already accepted their faith the minute one of their treatments doesn’t work. Although it takes a while, they eventually do.

Soldiers, on the other hand, are a different story. Unlike the terminally ill individuals who are given deadlines, most of them do not know what happens to them in the future. Some of them have not even realized that there is a chance that they might end up dead in the process. Like most of the dangerous jobs, there are great risks involved. Soldiers, for example, are fighting for their country. They go to wherever they are needed and do their duty for their country. Fulfilling their duties would mean leaving their families worried.

This kind of job is not easy and preparing for what comes next is something that is needed to be done. With this in mind, it is no secret that most soldiers are offered funeral planning. Although most of them haven’t really thought about it, some soldiers have already selected several plans for their “future” funeral. Some of them, particularly those who have seen death, have actually researched how to write eulogy. They are encouraged to prepare for what may come to them in the future especially with the line of work they are in.

There are advantages to prepping up for the worse. This is particularly beneficial for soldiers who have a family. When a soldier dies, their loved ones suffer the most. It is hard to compensate for the death of a loved one especially if how they died is not caused by something natural. Therefore, to make things a little easy for them, soldiers are urged to plan for their funeral. This way, their families wouldn’t have to worry about fees and what to do in this tragic time. In addition, this gives them the opportunity to properly grieve.