Can a Funeral Director Register a Death?

Although the death of a family member is heartbreaking, there are also legalities that you must comply with in the midst of mourning. Registering the death to the proper vital statistics office in your area is necessary because registration establishes the legality of your loved one’s death. If you don’t register the death, you cannot obtain the death certificate, which you may need to present to certain government offices and financial institutions to claim benefits. Find out who can help you register a death when your loved one dies. Read more

How to find healing this New Year when your loved one just passed away?

At this time, most people around the globe are busy compiling their resolutions to ring in the new year. It usually revolves around losing weight, exercising, or hitting work goals. However, celebrating the New Year when your loved one just passed away poses a different challenge. You may have felt the same melancholy and longing to get through Christmas without your loved one by your side. Similarly, New Year’s Eve may also cause the same emotional upheaval, especially if you’ve just recently concluded the funeral services. Instead of feeling relief at the thought of leaving a dark year marred by loss and pain, the new year may bring worries, anxieties, and fears.

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How Does Grief Affect a Child

Just like adults, children react to death in various ways. This could be influenced by a myriad of factors such as their age, gender, relationship with the one who died, family circumstances, personality, development stage, amount of support given to them, earlier experiences, and how the others around them are grieving. 

Always remember that grief is a natural response to a loss, and losing the person you love is complicated. It is even harder for kids who don’t have the emotional maturity, depth of experience, and ingrained wisdom to handle such trying times. Grief has no time table, so you must always be ready to reassure your children and give them comfort.  Read more

What Should You Not Do at a Funeral? Top 10 Don’ts

It is important to remember proper funeral etiquette because good manners make a world of difference to someone who is grieving. Unfortunately, funeral directors share that there are instances where fights have erupted in front of the casket while toppling over the funeral flowers. Please do your best to refrain from disorderly conduct because a funeral is already a difficult time for the bereaved family members. Read more

10 Quotes About Funerals, Deaths, and Griefs

Life is not easy, and so is dying. A point in time will arrive where a loved one will die, and spending time with them would be the happiest moments of our lives. Death of our loved one will give us despair and grief, which we don’t want to experience. But death is inevitable, and we have to think about the worst-case scenario.

We’ve encountered a lot of quotes in our life. May it be about love, friendship, life lessons, and more. We don’t want to encounter funeral quotes because of the fact that it’s a quote for the person who just passed away. What others don’t know is that most quotes about funerals, deaths, and griefs are actually heartwarming. If you don’t know how to write a eulogy, these quotes can inspire and give ideas on what to include. Read more

Funeral traditions in Asia

Being a diverse region, Southeast Asia does not have a prevailing religion or ethnicity. Funeral customs, therefore, differ significantly even within countries, though most people follow Muslim, Buddhist, or Chinese tradition. Each Southeast Asian country has its own spin on these traditions, and they differ from country to country and even from village to village. Here are some of the different funeral services from Southeast Asian countries. Read more

Amazing things about Stan Lee

Stan Lee, the comic book legend, is one of the most influential men in Hollywood, and his life was always an open book. He is the co-creator of some of the greatest superheroes and the most loved stories of all time. Lee passed away on November 12 at the age of 95.

In 2015, which was Marvel’s 75th anniversary, Lee reflected on his own life and published a memoir titled Amazing Fantastic Incredible: A Marvelous Memoir. This memoir was considered as the highlight and one of the ideas for memorial celebrations for him after he passed away. Here are some of the amazing things about Stan Lee. Read more

5 Things You Should Do When Consoling Someone Who is Grieving

Grief is a very complicated process to go through and people are almost completely broken by it. The sheer pain itself can stretch a person’s sanity to its limits and it’s a very agonizing thing to feel, let alone to witness. This is why approaching a friend who is in the middle of grieving can be a very sensitive subject. Oftentimes, we decide to let people be and let them deal with the grief in their own privacy, but to some, the thought of simply leaving a friend or a family member alone in a time like this is sort of an act of betrayal. A grieving friend can feel so utterly spent that they just would need somebody to lean on. And sometimes, this task may fall on you. Read more

Help You Can Offer The Bereaved After The Burial

Oftentimes, sympathizers leave the grave and the family alone after the funeral services. As a result, the surviving members of the family are left alone to nourish their loss. This is really tragic especially if there is only on surviving member of the family. It is an unfortunate thing that you can correct in ways that won’t hurt your personal circumstances. There are many ways you can alleviate the suffering of a person who has just lost a close family member. Read more

Burial And Cremation, What Are Their Pros and Cons?

The modern resurgence of cremation opened another options for those who have recently loss their loved ones. A growing number of people are choosing cremation over the traditional burial. But there are those who through personal religious conviction still stand for traditional burial methods. How about you?  Do you think cremation is better than burial? Or do you still prefer to bury the dead instead of burning their remains because of traditional beliefs? Here are some pros and cons of both burial and cremation that may help you determine which one is better. Read more