Choosing Funeral Quotes for your Eulogy

funeral  quotesMany people who are asked to say something about the deceased person during a memorial service may ask how to write eulogy.

Making eulogies is not something people do every day. So this will be a challenge to many people especially to the family of the deceased. They are facing such a difficult time and they still need to think of what to say to the people during the service.

Here are some of the ways:

  • A good way to keep your eulogy nice and thoughtful is to add some quotes in between the lines and relating those quotes into your personal experience. These quotes can easily be inspirational and thought provoking. A lot of people may not immediately relate to your speech but with the help of these quotes, they will be able to understand what you mean.
  • The first thing that you can do is gather quotations from families and friends who have known the deceased.

You can ask them what they remember of him and you can take all of these down in your notes.

Always take the positives and simply ditch the negative ones. The last thing that you want to do is to leave a negative impression to the people about your late family member.

  • If the deceased was a believer of a certain religion, you can always put religious quotes or sayings from the bible.

There are plenty of scriptures that will definitely be suitable for this situation of loss and grief.

You can even ask for assistance from your religious leader in your area for this task.

  • Another great way to add funeral quotes into your eulogy is to research the favorite author of the deceased and get some lines that the author has made which you think is fitting for the occasion. This will also add a sense of personalization into your speech and it will surely depict the life of your late family member.
  • You can even get lines form songs that inspire. Some people get the lines of the favorite song of the deceased and they explain a few parts of it to the guests.
  • But one of the best ways to get quotes in your speech is to remember what that deceased person had said before.