Don’t Want a Boring Funeral Service?

Boring Funeral Service?Funeral services are those times when we commemorate and celebrate the life of the deceased person. Many people treat these services as solemn and silent occasions as they look back and remember their departed loved one.

But some individuals would like to end their life in a happy note. They specifically include in their plans that people should be happy and merry instead of weeping and sad. Well, if your family member requested for this or you yourself want to create a lasting happy memory to all the guests in the memorial, then you can learn more about these fantastic ideas to make the service fun:

  • Shot Glasses. If the deceased person was a known enthusiast for wines and liquor, then having shot glasses during the funeral party will be a good way to remember him or her. You can even add funeral quotes taped on the shot glasses and they can bring them home as a remembrance.


  • Packets of Seeds. Nothing depicts life better than a plant. Giving out packets of seeds to the guests would mean that even if he has died, a new life is born every day. To make it more personal, you can make use of the seeds of his favorite plants.


  • Fortune Cookies. Fortune cookies are extremely popular among people who would like to know what life has in store for them. But this can be a good vessel to use during memorial service to add humor to it. You can find a store that will allow you to customize the messages inside the cookies. Some people even add “You’re next” to the fortune cookies as a joke.


  • Crossword Puzzles. To help the guests remember the deceased even more, you can print out customized crossword puzzles that correspond to the personality and the life of the dead person. His favorite color, favorite food and name of his pets can be some great questions.


DVD’s with Videos and Slideshows. This is a great way to show the guests the good things and experiences that the deceased had been through.