Based in Mississauga, Ontario, Tranquility is a premier full service funeral home. We offer an array of affordable options in terms of visitations, receptions, memorials, cremation and burial arrangements. However, our prices are often 50% lower than those of other funeral providers.

Funeral Service Oakville

This is possible because we are partnered with St. John’s Dixie Cemetery in Mississauga, which provides visitations, receptions, chapel services and cremation and/or burial — all in one location.

Along with eliminating the need to travel to and from various locations during the course of an already stressful day, this convenient arrangement keeps our overhead low. At Tranquility, we pass these savings on to you – without ever sacrificing compassion, quality and professionalism.

Tranquility maintains a list of qualified clergy representing every denomination, (including Sikh, Hindu and Humanist) who regularly perform ceremonies at the St. John Dixie chapel.

Perhaps you’d prefer to hold a service at your own house of worship instead. Or maybe you wish to hold a visitation in your home or church. You are under no obligation to use the facilities provided by Tranquility. Whatever you decide to do, Tranquility will gladly arrange all preparations and transportation to and from various locations throughout the Mississauga area.

At Tranquility, we pride ourselves on taking care of every detail when it comes to funeral services, including:

  • Composing and submitting death notices to newspapers
  • Ordering flowers
  • Hiring caterers
  • Creating video tributes with your photos
  • Providing clothing for burial, such as suits

As you can see, there are many details involved in even the simplest funeral. That’s why we invite you and your loved ones to contact Tranquility to make affordable arrangements that reflect your values.