Improvisational Comic Genius Jonathan Winters dies at 87

jonathan-wintersThe comedy and entertainment world had recently lost one of the pioneers in improvisation comedy. Jonathan Winters died at the age of 87 in his house at Montecito, California last April 11, 2013.

Since his death, friends and fans have been pouring their support for the family of Jonathan Winters through well-wishes and funeral flowers. He will forever be remembered in history for being one of the few comics who revolutionized the way comedians do improvisations today.

The career of Jonathan Winters began in the late 1940’s when he won in a talent competition which led him to have a job as a DJ. Eventually, the way he introduced the songs and his adlibs made people realize how good of a comic he was. It was in the year 1957 when he got his big break. Although he appeared in a few television shows before, he worked at CBS for the show Omnibus. From then on, his projects became bigger as his talents in comedy, improvisation, adlibbing, and mimicry were discovered.

Jonathan Winters was one of the few jesters during his time who were not afraid to make fun of themselves in order to make other people laugh. He became an inspiration to many stand-up comedians today including Jim Carrey and Robin Williams. He would imitate other famous personalities, make funny faces, and create sound effects that will add dimension to his stories. He died of natural death and his legacy will forever be remembered in this field.

Because of Jonathan Winters’ witty and catchy lines, people who will be talking in his memorial will definitely want to learn more about how to write eulogy for an epic comedian like him. Even though many fans know him to be funny in front of the cameras, people who are close to him would say that he was always at his best even when the cameras were turned