Japan’s Suicide Forest

aokigahara forestSuicide incidents are not extraordinary happenings. They happen all over the world. But did you know that in Japan, there is a specific place where many people commit suicide.?

Aokigahara Forest

The Aokigahara Forest in Mount Fuji is one of the favorite spots of people to kill themselves. Here are some facts about the woodland:

  • An ocular survey of the forest will show you many different skeletons scattered in various places and police officers also found many dead bodies hanging from the trees.
  • According to the estimates of the local officials, every year, they are able to remove over one hundred bodies from the forest.
  • The forest is endowed with lush vegetation and tall trees that make it easy for people to go to the spot unnoticed.
  • Because many people take their own lives in the area, families of these people often offer funeral flowers in the forest grounds as well in their efforts to appease the soul of their loved ones.

Many people are still baffled as to why this forest is a common place for suicide. Even the experts who have dedicated years of their lives to study this phenomenon still cannot explain the exact reason of these events.

There are many clues around the area that will indicate different explanations as to why a person may have taken his or her own life. These clues come in the form of articles in the tress, on the ground and some messages that those people have left before they commit the act of suicide.

The reasons gathered by the experts vary greatly from one another. There are letters found, dolls pinned on trees, ropes that are cut and other items that can be interpreted in different ways.

But not all who visit the forest always end up killing themselves. Some actually come to realization that their problems can be solved so they walk away from the area with new hope.

It is always painful to visit funeral services of persons who committed suicide. That is why experts say they study this phenomenon not only to find out why this spot is a favorite but also find ways on how to stop these frequent occurrences.