Preparing for a Child’s Funeral

Should-You-Take-Your-Toddler-FuneralAlthough death will always be very difficult to accept no matter what the age of the deceased is, having a child in the family die will always have a bigger impact to the people because of the regret that the kid will never be able to experience what life has to offer.

Planning for a child’s funeral can be very tough especially because your emotions can get through the way. Not many parents have insurances or got funeral planning for their children which is why most preparations are done only after the death.

  • Choosing a funeral house will be the first thing that you should be doing when planning for a funeral. Because you will be going back and forth between your house and the funeral home, it will be more convenient if you choose a company that is within your community.
  • Decide on the coffin of the child. Many parents would want a casket with a glass frame so that families and guests will be able to see the child’s angelic face for the final viewing. But you can also disclose to the funeral director that you want the casket to be closed all the time if you wish.
  • Call your pastor or priest and arrange for the time and the date of the funeral. If you can’t do this personally, you can always set a date and have the funeral director arrange everything in your behalf.
  • Do not forget to call friends and family members to inform them about the death of the child. You can give them personal calls, send them emails, or also announce the death in the obituaries of the local paper. Ask the family if there would be anyone who would want to offer poems, songs, or funeral quotes during the memorial.
  • Assign other family members to order flowers to be placed on the casket and another one on the site of the grave.