Top Three Self-Help Books for Grief Bereavement

6139560335_fc838cbc54Funerals are just a passing solemn event for those who aren’t in any way related to the deceased. But for those close friend, spouse, child, or parent of the departed, funerals are just the beginning of their painful journey through life. After the last lines of the final funeral song, that person who left are either lowered to a six feet deep chasm of the cemetery grounds or the ashes being scattered in the wind. It may take days, months or even years to get through the pain of loss. Anyone grieving needed all the help they can get.

Some self-help books have managed to help recovering mourners survive the pain of being left behind by the ones they love. These are the following texts that encourage people gave to live and love again:

Back to Life

This book is written by Jennie Wright-Parker, RN, MSCC, GC-C. She is also the creator of and published many of her counseling articles online. Her book is a straightforward 73-page manual that teaches people how to survive the loss of their loved ones through a detailed analysis of the five stages of pain. The author drew her ideas from her extensive 20-year career as a critical care nurse. Her experience dealing with families in crisis and bereavement have become a source of not only information but also inspiration in completing this book.

But I Didn’t Say Goodbye

Barbara Rubel, MA, BCETS, CBC, CPBC is a renowned leader in the field of compassion, fatigue and coping up with traumatic loss. This two-part book package is one of the best works that encompasses a great portion of her latter sub-genre of expertise. But I Didn’t Say Goodbye is specifically geared towards helping children deal with the trauma of losing their parents via suicide. Lessons from this book are narrated by way of allegorical fiction in the symbolic character of Alex, a fictitious child serving as the focal subject of the self-help therapy.

Blessing the Bridge

It is not a usual practice to offer funeral flowers to dead animals. But people also mourn for the loss of a beloved pet in almost the same magnitude. This book was written by Rita Reynolds, who owns an animal sanctuary called Howling Success for 20 years. She offers a spiritual perspective that help mourning pet owners square with their fur-babies’ departure.