When a Loved One Undergoes Repatriation

Funeral Homes mississaugaThe funeral planning for a typical burial will cause enough stress to the family left behind. If you add to that the wishes of your loved one to be laid to rest in their hometown, which can be in another state or in another country altogether, the burden of the paperwork and expense can be too much. Many would opt for the cremation instead to lessen the travel-related headaches. Even then, there will still be procedures that need to be followed.

Funeral Home as an Ally

While some can be more experienced in repatriation than the others, most funeral homes can facilitate the movement of the body from the place of death to its final resting place. This will require filing the appropriate documents with the embassy where the deceased belongs, coordinating with the airline companies and communicating with the funeral home that will be  receiving the body in their home country. All these are to be done on top of the embalming and other services. You will need a sympathetic funeral director who can respect the wishes of your loved one and at the same time make flawless arrangements for the transfer.


Source: Nycgreenfunerals.com