3 Ways to Bring in Funeral Music

funeral songs mississaugaFuneral songs are often viewed as an integral part of any funeral since it can lift the spirit of those who are grieving and provide a soothing background to an otherwise somber setting.

1. Recorded music

The most inexpensive way to play music at a funeral is by collecting a number of songs in a CD to be played at the funeral home. Your funeral director may even have a list of songs commonly played at funerals so this can be a good starting point.

2. Singers

Live music can lend a special touch to a funeral. Whether you hire a soloist or a choir, there is that warm quality of the human voice that can pull the congregation together in a prayerful hymn. Funeral homes can help you pick the right professionals who are experienced in rendering songs at memorial services.

3. Instrumental music

A string quartet or even a simple organ is also a popular option for funeral music. Since the occasion is not a happy one, be sure to set aside time to go over their repertoire of songs to prevent any misunderstanding or the playing of songs that you or any of your family would deem as inappropriate for the memorial.


Source: Music-for-church-choirs.com