Annette Funicello, a Popular 1950’s star dies at 70

annette-funicello-deadIf you ask your parents about Annette Funicello, there is a good chance that they know who she was especially if they have grown up watching the original Mickey Mouse Club and the films of Beach Party during these years. It is unfortunate that Annette had died because of complications of Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 70. Although details for her funeral services have not been released yet, fans would really want to memorialize her because of her popularity and her contributions in the field of MS.

Annette was first discovered when she was 13. At a very young age, she was hired immediately to star in Disney’s new show called the Mickey Mouse Club. She was one of the original Mouseketeers and kids all over America were really captivated by her enthusiasm and beauty. Aside from her projects in shows and movies under Disney, she also released her hit singles like Pineapple Princess. As she grew, her roles changed as she took more teen roles than those that are for kids. Walt Disney was definitely one of her mentors and she will forever be grateful for all the help and guidance he bestowed on her.

The star was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in the year 1987 but it took her a few years before she came out to the public about her illness. Fans all over the country applauded her for her determination in helping and contributing in research efforts for the disease and other neurological disorders.

Annette was definitely a good person to serve as a role model among many people especially the kids of today. She remained cheerful even in the midst of her battle against the illness. She was also very down to earth by not letting her popularity get into her head.

Funeral flowers have already been sent by families, old colleagues, and fans of Annette while they await announcements of her memorial. With the help of her foundation, there will be active support for research on multiple sclerosis.