Best Sympathy Gifts For Those Who Recently Lost A Loved One

Alleviating the grief of those who recently lost their loved one can be done in different ways. You can give them your condolences, or you can express your sympathies in a concrete way by giving gifts that are designed for such occasions. There are many sympathy gifts available in the market and if you are not familiar with them, you will have a hard time choosing the right gift. Here are some suggestions on the best sympathy gifts that you can give to a person who has recently lost a loved one. 


Give A Sympathy Gift Basket

If you want to lift up the mood of your friend who has just lost a member of his or her family, give a sympathy gift basket. Your friend will feel like it is Christmas morning when he or she sorts out the items that are included in the gift basket. Think out of the box and stay away from the usual floral assortments given to grieving souls. Some of the gift baskets that may surprise your friend and lift his or her mood are those filled with goodies like cookies, desserts, fruits, candies or even bottles of wine.


For instance, a gourmet sympathy gift basket could contain the following items: apples, oranges, grapes or pears. It may also include chocolate, crackers, coffee and cheeses. Like most gift baskets, these items are beautifully arranged, complete with attractive ribbons to make them look very attractive.


It’s not wrong to send a grieving person a sympathy gift basket with a selection of wine bottles. Wine is a substance that can lift the spirits so it is perfect for your friend at this time. These are not strong wines which can get you intoxicated, but they are more like wines for the dinner table. Along with the bottles of wine, the basket also contains an assortment of cookies, snack mixes and candies. As usual, all of these items are beautifully arranged inside the gift basket.


Give A Floral Gift For The Services

If you want to give a gift for the funeral services, the best item that you can give is a big floral wreath or a standing spray that will be placed alongside the casket at the funeral parlor and at the grave site. You can also send a flower arrangement in a smaller basket that the grieving family can take home after the funeral services.


Give A Donation To Charity

You can also choose to give a donation to the favorite charity of the recently departed. In fact, there are families who request their friends to give donations to the favorite charity of their dearly departed instead of sending flowers to the funeral services. By doing this, you will be able to express your sympathies and send a tangible gift at the same time.


Offer Your Personal Services

Action speaks louder than words. You can express your true sympathies to the bereaved by backing your words with real action. In other words, you can put your money where your mouth is by offering your personal services during your friend’s time of distress. While your friend is busy with grieving, he or she might not be able to clean the house, prepare the meals and all that sort of things. You can offer your personal services in these physical areas of your friend’s life and he or she will not forget what you have done.


If you don’t have the time to do such things, then you can offer to hire housekeeping and cleaning service to do the work for you. It is as if you are doing these services yourself. The point is: you are able to relieve your friend the pressures of daily living while he or she is grieving.


Give An Inspirational Book

An inspirational book, a poem or a story will lift up the spirits of someone who is grieving. Perhaps you have been inspired in the past by something that you have read from a book, a poem or a story. Your grieving friend needs inspirational words at this time and one of the best ways he or she can find those words is through an inspirational book, a poem or a story. You can go to your local bookstore and there should be a section in it where these types of literary works are being sold. Choose one that you think is most appropriate for your friend and surprise him with one or two of such items.