Embalming: Not for the Faint-Hearted

funeral servicesEmbalming is one of the funeral services that, while may not be required by law, is highly recommended if the body is to stay with the family for a longer time. It will slow down the decay of the body considerably and make your loved one appear more presentable to those who would wish to attend his wake and bid him farewell.

Prep the Body

Once the body is transported to one of the funeral homes for the embalming, they are first cleaned with a disinfectant to prevent moist areas from rotting. The mouth will then be set and filled with cotton so it will not hang open.

Drain and Embalm

Locating the arteries, the funeral director will then create an incision. The goal is to insert one end of the tube connected to an embalming machine and feed the chemical into the body while the blood exits through a vein. All blood and other fluids must also be drained.

Close up and Restore

Once the embalming is completed, the incisions made will then be stitched up and the skin is slathered with moisturizer. Lastly, cosmetics would then be applied to mimic the person’s appearance while alive.


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