Free Ways to Solve Flowers Overload

funeral songsWhen the last strains of the funeral songs have been played and the guests have all bade their farewells, the family is often left with the dilemma on what to do with all the floral arrangements they received. Most families go by the following alternatives:

  • Brighten someone’s day

Many directors of funeral homes witness firsthand of their clients bringing the flowers to hospices or nursing homes. When you opt for this, call the management in advance so you will know if they will indeed accept flowers. Since anyone would be pleased to have fresh blooms in their rooms, your thoughtfulness should be appreciated.

  • Leave at the grave site

If the arrangements you received are not too many, some families just leave them at the grave site for days. This option may not be wise for those with numerous flowers because the families owning the neighboring plots may not be happy to have to clean up the wilted flowers that have overflowed into their loved one’s grave.

  • Give to the Church

Churches that have altars are known to welcome any floral offering. Even if you are not a member of one, you can still ask if they would accommodate your request.