When the Dead Moves

funeral planningIn every funeral planning summary of price quote, you will likely find funeral transportation cost listed there. The final amount you need to pay will depend on the transportation services you avail of and the number of times you need to move the remains of your loved one.


Location Changes Within Same City

From the place of death like your home or the hospital, you will need to move the body to a funeral home. You can opt for the nearest local one if you need immediate funeral services. Later, you can arrange to transfer the casket to another funeral home with whom you have a pre-paid plan or where you wish to conduct the memorial ceremony. While these funeral homes can coordinate amongst themselves on the actual logistics, you need to give specific information about the deceased as well as your contact information to both homes.


Location Changes Between States

Wanting to fly out a dead body to a preferred cemetery located in another state or country can be a little tricky to navigate on your own. Airlines have issued stringent requirements to do this along with a few restrictions so for a smoother transaction, seek the help of a funeral director who are specifically offering this particular service.


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