Funeral Plans That Can Save You Money

funeral flowers

It’s costly: it could amount to over $5,000 or even more—that’s why funeral planning is important if you want to reduce related expenses. Good if there is a funeral insurance to cover for the cost; if your loved one though doesn’t have insurance, you could be shelling out a good amount of money.

Here are some useful tips though if you want to save on expenses:

Opt for cremation. This could cut cost by 75%. And a crematorium funeral offers a better sense of closure for the affected family members, relatives and friends. Also, you can hold your own memorial service rather than hiring someone to direct the ceremony.

Death notice cost can also be reduced by contacting most of the people through phone. Death notice in paper can be kept to a minimum just for legal purposes. You can also print your own service sheets to save even more.

Another opportunity for savings is by creating your own floral tribute. You can simply ask people attending to bring funeral flowers taken from their own gardens if possible.

These are just a few ideas to cut on funeral expenses. But as you can see, you can do just some of these—and reduce a big percentage already.