Have a Greener Burial in 3 Simple Ways

funeral pre planningSome people are now incorporating their concern for the environment into their funeral planning. Without going into cremation, they can look into modifying the usual funeral packages to accommodate these wishes. By making these arrangements in advance, you will have plenty of time to work on the tweaks and look for other options.

1. Talk to your funeral director.

Whether the burial is for your own or your loved one, your local funeral director is the first person you see when you want to go green. He may have clients in the past having the same intention and can give you ideas on how to go about it. Switching metal caskets to the more eco-friendly wood material is one. He may also be able to recommend you to a green cemetery.

2. Skip embalming.

Being preserved with chemicals may slow down the decay of the body throughout the wake and funeral activities, but it can also delay the decomposition. Aside from saving money on the process, forgoing it entirely would mean you are protecting the soil from the embalming fluids.

3. Go paperless.

Take advantage of the internet for your obituaries and announcements. Little things like sending your thank you note by email and recycling the flowers received will all contribute to your cause.



Source: Funeralhomeresource.com