How do I pick the right cemetery plot?

Many people tremble when they think about death. It could be emotionally draining when you ponder over choosing a cemetery plot for you or a loved one of yours. But keep in mind that making advanced funeral arrangements like picking a cemetery plot ahead actually helps reduce stress, especially for the ones left behind. Advanced preparation mitigates stress for all family members, even the one being laid to rest because of the knowledge that everything has been settled beforehand. 

However, the trend today is for people to engage in burial planning after the death of a loved one. And it would help to change this mindset! Again, if you get a cemetery plot before you die, your family will have one less thing to worry about during their grief. Moreover, if you can choose a cemetery plot with reasonable payment terms, you will be happier about it in later years because you pay the current values and not the inflated prices. If you need some tips to help you pick a cemetery plot for yourself or your loved one, this article is for you. 


Think about your ideal location

When you start to compare the different cemetery plots, consider the location. Make time to see it if it fits your wishes. It would help to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to be buried near your house or in an area that was memorable for you? 
  • Where in the cemetery do you want to be buried? Do you want to be buried under a tree, near water, or in some area that cars can easily access? 
  • Is the cemetery plot accessible by car? Is it a cemetery plot that’s easy to visit?

It’s important to think about the accessibility of the cemetery plot for easy visiting. After all, family members will surely want to pay respects, especially during important occasions like birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries. Additionally, you need to make sure that the location is convenient in terms of cost, maintenance, and geographics.


Consider the type of cemetery

There are types of cemeteries that are ownership-based and it includes the following:

  • Religious Cemeteries – managed by religious organizations
  • Private Cemeteries – owned by an individual or cooperation and run or maintained by managing profits or revenues from sales and maintenance fees
  • District Cemeteries – owned by the city or country and is for those who lack the money to purchase a cemetery plot
  • National/Veteran Cemeteries – exclusive for those who once served in the military

In addition, cemeteries can also be separated by how many people can be interred in a plot. Take a look at the most popular examples below:

  • Single-depth: a grave solely for one individual
  • Double-depth: grave for two individuals like a married couple
  • Family plot: grave for several people
  • Mausoleum: this is a free-standing structure with an enclosed space for one tomb or several tombs

You need to think deeply about what you want, so you can pick the type of cemetery that’s perfect for your needs. For instance, paying ahead for a gravesite that allows double interment means you can be laid to rest with your spouse and save money. 


Consider the price of the cemetery plot

The price of the cemetery plot will vary depending on its type, size, and location. There will also be additional costs that can affect the overall price of the cemetery plot. The factors that influence the price consist of the following: 

  • Gravesite and cemetery grounds maintenance
  • Digging and closing the grave after burial
  • Grave liner
  • Headstones

Make sure you have planned your budget before getting the prices of different cemetery plots. When you’ve settled on the amount, make it a point to get the full price including any additional costs. Work with a reputable funeral home to stay away from hidden charges. 


Be fully aware of the rules and regulations

Cemeteries also have rules and regulations that are mostly influenced by government/state laws. Cemeteries may also have some additional rules and regulations which could include not allowing personal decorations or a rule only allowing certain types of headstones. 

You must be aware of and understand each of these rules so you can abide by them. Having all the information will bring comfort, so you can feel secure when you purchase the cemetery plot. Additionally, you should learn the rules that concern the buying process and do your best to follow them to avoid any unpleasant situation from happening.


Visit the Site in Person

If you found a potential cemetery plot online, make sure to visit it in person before purchasing it. There are some pictures online that could have shown only the good parts of the cemetery plot. And that’s not surprising because the official websites of companies are designed to show off their best assets. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to see something before buying it.  

Be a smart shopper and protect your money. If you don’t visit your prospective cemetery plot in person, you might regret your decision. For example, you may be disappointed to see the cemetery plot looking different from what you paid for. When you visit the location, you can also check to see if your practices are not against their rules. Therefore, find time to visit the location first before signing any contract and paying for it. In this way, you can manage your expectations and feel truly happy with your choice. 


Discuss details with your family

Finally, it is crucial to remember that the cemetery plot you will eventually purchase will not only affect you but will impact your whole family as well. It’s not right to do burial pre-planning and make all the decisions by yourself. For the best outcomes, you should find time to discuss the details and options with your family members.

It would be prudent to get their input before making your final decision. When your family is involved, it will help make them feel that they are included in the process and make it easier for them to accept the purchase.