How to Select a Well-Designed and Meaningful Funeral Headstone

When planning a funeral, one of the most important decisions you will make is how to mark the gravesite. Choosing a well-designed headstone, monument, or funeral marker for the memorial site is vital because you must create something that reflects the life and legacy of your deceased loved one. Apart from marking the grave, it must withstand the harsh elements and test of time. 

If you’re working with a funeral home, the director and his team can provide you with the information on where to purchase caskets or headstones. In addition, they can easily connect you with a monument salesperson, an experienced headstone designer, or a supplier online. If you are unsure about what to pick, take note of the following key considerations to help you choose your final headstone design.

What is The Budget?

You must begin by figuring out how much you can spend. This is the biggest determinant when it comes to the kind of burial marker you can obtain for your deceased loved one. The standard cost of a flat headstone is around $1,000. The more detailed and elaborate the headstone, the higher the price. The following details can affect how much you pay:

  • Size of the headstone 
  • Material 
  • Finish
  • Artwork 
  • Lettering 
  • Other personalization details

For example, an upright headstone with fancy pink granite, carvings, and other embellishments can cost around $10,000. Don’t forget to factor in delivery fees and professional installation charges into the budget. When you are in the midst of mourning, the last thing you want to worry about is negotiating the price for the headstone. Seeking advice from a friend or even the funeral director can ensure you secure a good deal. 


What Kind of Marker to Choose?

Some cemeteries have a regulation on the type of marker for the burial plots because they want uniformity. Hence, it would be best to speak with the cemetery director about regulations before buying your preferred headstone or monument. You want to ensure that the marker you buy fits the rules. 

If you have the freedom to select what you want, granite and bronze headstones are the most popular. After all, they are highly affordable and durable. Moreover, their resiliency and longevity ensure your investment lasts. Besides, granite comes in various colors like black, gray, white, green, blue, red, and pink. Therefore, you can get creative and pick something that suits the personality of the deceased. 

When it comes to style, you also have several options. Take a look at them below:

  1. Upright Monuments

You will commonly see this headstone design in many cemeteries. They are typically made out of granite, limestone, or marble. You will find them fixed to the ground with a concrete base as the anchor. 

  1. Flat Markers

As the name suggests, these are flat headstones usually made of granite or bronze. Just like the upright headstones, they come in various colors and finishes. Some call this grass slabs and ledgers. 

  1. Bevel Markers

These possess a diagonal face where the back edge is slightly higher than the front. The slant gives a somewhat upright appearance. This is easier to read than a flat, grass-level marker because it protrudes slightly off the ground. 

  1. Slant Markers

This sits in an upright position with rock-pitched edges and a polished face. They look similar to an upright monument but are much more affordable. You can select from various sizes and designs. 

  1. Cremation Niches or Monuments

This is intended for the deceased who had undergone cremation as the final disposition method. It serves as the marker for the compartment that will hold the cremation urns where the remains are held.


What to Put in the Inscription?

The inscription or words you put on the headstone is crucial to the overall design. When choosing the epitaph or final words for the grave marker, take note of these tips to make it meaningful and personal:

  1. Take Time to Think Things Through

As you plan the funeral, you may be under a lot of pressure. You don’t have to rush this part because wordings are vital. Remember, your chosen inscriptions are permanent. Thus, you cannot make this slightly. Take your time to think things through because the cemetery can always put a temporary marker first. 

  1. Appoint a Family Representative

Delegate one person to become the representative to oversee the inscriptions. You will find that many family members have tons of opinions. Hence, it can be pretty confusing and overwhelming. Appointing a reliable person to field and filter the suggestions can make the process a lot smoother. In this way, you can design a classy headstone without ruffling feathers or making anyone feel left out. 

  1. Steer Clear of Clichés

Though it is simple to choose something like “rest in peace” or “in loving memory,” you can make the epitaph more unique. For example, select the deceased personal quotes or a short poem line. It not only honors the deceased but makes everything unique and sentimental, especially for future visitors to the grave.

  1. Collaborate with a Good Designer 

Finally, guidance from an experienced but passionate designer can provide expert assistance. They can offer carving, embellishment, and typography suggestions to ensure you can capture the unique personality of the individual you are memorializing. 

Remember, choosing the best headstone design will help you create a beautiful memorial that pays tribute to your departed loved one. In addition, this marker will honor the life and legacy of the deceased. So don’t rush the process and take your time to pick the right one you will be happy to look at for the years to come.