The Importance Of Preparing A Committal Service

Elder CareAs they say, life is full of ritual occasions. Every one of us is used to sharing pivotal moments in lives to our loved ones. The day our mom got pregnant, our birthday or the day she gave birth to us, our first step, our first words, first day of school, the day we graduated, got a new job, promoted, married the love of our life, got pregnant, had a baby, and even the day we lost someone dear to us are some of the moments that we share to our family, friends, and relatives.

Yes, losing someone or something is one of the moments that we also share with our family. However, there are different intensities that come with it such as losing a job, going through a divorce, loss of a friendship, and most importantly losing someone through death. Losing someone through death is one of the hardest things that we normally deal with in life. It is hard to let go of things especially of the people that we love the most. It is hard to say goodbye. There are different processes that you go through when it comes to letting go.

One of the best things to go with letting go is to honor, remember, and commemorate the dead. A committal service is a critical part of the healing process for the bereaved. It is a chance to actually say something to the deceased or a final chance of saying goodbye and an opportunity of having to let go of your loved one properly.

A committal service is important as it helps with the transition of the bereaved to live without their loved one. No one looks forward to attending a committal service. However, it is important that one plans for it during the funeral planning. You can ask the help of the different funeral services. They can give you different ideas on how to go about your committal service. This is one of the best things you can give to your loved ones once you have passed away. It will give them the opportunity to honor your death and celebrate your life.