Interesting Pictures Depicting People and Death by Paper Lilies Photography

lillies funeral flowersThe view of death greatly differs from person to person. Some people are afraid of death, and some people embrace the fact that all of us will eventually die one way or another.

A lot of questions are raised when the topic of death is being tackled. Other people do not even want to talk about it. When a family member of a friend dies, no one is really aware on what will happen to the dead person. Many theories and speculations have been made but people still have varied views regarding this matter.

Michele, a photographer in Paper Lilies recently showed her fantastic works. Her pictures are very powerful and she said that they depict a person’s relationship with death.

The pictures do not necessarily have caskets or an actual dead person in them but there are representations of death in all of the photos. A person will really be able to tell that the pictures have a deeper meaning. There are photos that Michele took with a skeleton.

According to the photographer, death is really a very confusing and mind boggling matter. No one really knows what happens after passing away and she does not understand death per se. But she definitely sees something in it that is interesting and beautiful. But even if bereavement is not totally understood by many, it is still a very fascinating and interesting topic. It is just that people neglect to talk about it because of fear.

Michele said that those pictures where a girl is with a skeleton depicts death in a sense that people would really want to hold on to the deceased loved ones and that letting go is a challenge when it comes to this time.

There are photos where a girl is holding on to a skeleton and there is also one where the girl is lying on the floor next to the bones. Aside from those carcass snaps, there are also fading portraits which envision the life waning into expiry.

Depiction of death in art does not necessarily need pictures of funeral flowers and urns. It is in the way the artist portrays the topic.