Participating in a Meaningful Service

Many people believe in the fact that a dead person must be given importance and appreciation even if he or she has already passed away.

Honoring the Deceased Loved One

One of the ways to honor a deceased friends or families is by giving them meaningful funeral services. The funeral service of a nurse named Lorna Grant who died at the age of 39 is a great example of how people should celebrate the life of the deceased person.

When making a meaningful service for a late loved one or a friend, you have to consider the kind of personality that person had and the things that he liked when he was still alive. Whether it is the intention of the family or it is included in the will of the late family member, the kin should be able to carry this one out.

Lorna Grant’s Funeral

The funeral of Ms Grant can inspire people to show how we appreciate the life of the deceased. Ms. Lorna Grant liked music festivals. She loved how people would just stomp around on mud to the beat of music. Visitors and families paid tribute to her colorful personality and her likes by wearing boots to her funeral.

The boots that people wore during her funeral were varied. There were really bright ones with unique prints and designs. Some people stuck with solid colors too.

Aside from the boots, the procession of the casket of Ms. Lorna Grant on its way to the crematorium was also unique. A typical funeral vehicle was not used but instead, a special car with markings brought her there. This meant that the journey that she was taking was a special one.

People can imitate this by using other types of transportation like a carriage, or big bikes. Even with the changes made, the ritual can still be respected during the funeral.

Traditions like funeral processions, pallbearers and giving of funeral flowers is a way to pay respects to the community as well. But at the end of the day, being able to participate in a service of a friend or a loved one already conveys a strong message of appreciation.