A Jack-O-Lantern Funeral

jack-o-lantern funeralFuneral services maybe one of the traditional events that happen when someone passes but it does not mean that the whole event cannot be as unique as the person who passed away. Events like these differ in many cultures and in different locations.

There are individuals who prefer to have a unique theme for their future funeral. There is no limitation to being creative as long as it is accepted within the boundaries of the person’s religion and their culture. There are different ways wherein you can express yourself even after you die. It is important to remember that you have the opportunity to actually choose what your funeral should look like during the funeral planning. You can choose to pair it with the season or the weather or to anything you like. There are those who would like to set up candles or a suitable lighting for their funeral and some would even want to have a Halloween theme.

This is a unique approach to funerals but a great way to impress your guests as well especially if you are fond of this time of year, if you are someone who loves to carve pumpkins during this time of year, or someone who loves horror movies. You can instruct your loved ones to carve out several pumpkins and turn it into lanterns as an added lighting to your funeral. There can be room for a lot of designs that you can choose from such as scary faces, the logo of your favorite band, your favorite city, and many more. This adds to the uniqueness of your funeral as well. This way, your funeral would have a creative and dramatic atmosphere that gives your loved ones the time to remember you fondly as they converse with the other guests.

Ultimately, this is one way of shocking your guests with your unique funeral theme. You can be sure that each and every one of them will remember your passing and will fondly talk about how unique and what an unforgettably magical experience it was. Aside from that, your loved ones will also remember you even more every Halloween.