A Funeral To Remember

funeral themeWe all want to celebrate our loved ones passing in a unique way; a way wherein guests would remember and leave with a warm heart. Losing someone we love dearly through death is one traumatic experience and letting go of that loss is very difficult. However, as tradition, we are compelled to celebrate their passing with a funeral service dedicated to remember them and how they’ve lived. As hard as it may be, this is one of the ways wherein the dead’s friends, family, and relatives would gather and find solace in each other’s mutual loss.

Funeral services are dedicated to unite the dead’s loved ones as a form of support for their mutual loss, a touch of reality that leads to accepting the passing of the loved one, a form of recall to remember the dead and find comfort in remembering the memories that the deceased has left them, and finally, achieve a form of transcendence wherein individuals would let go and accept that life is a cycle and you must live on.  As an example, funeral songs are sung in such an event that correlates to how they remember the deceased. The song may have lyrics that best describe on how the deceased lived his life or it may be one of the songs that he or she loves to listen to when he or she was alive.

Some funeral services offer a unique approach to transcendence aside from singing or listening to the song during the committal service. There are some who request for the releasing of monarch butterflies as the casket is being lowered down the grave. The release symbolizes the ascension of the deceased soul to heaven as the butterflies are freed from its container. This is one of the beautiful alternatives to releasing doves. The releasing of butterflies is done during the day with a temperature above 70 degrees. This adds to the loved ones dramatic and positive letting go of the dead. Aside from that, the guests who attended will ultimately remember the funeral event and to guests who have failed to attend, photos of the releasing of butterflies will certainly be a positive sight to see.