Digital Sympathies – The Rising Popularity of Online Funeral Services

Digital SympathyJust when you thought that the Internet could not be as vast as how it is now, we end up surprising ourselves. The World Wide Web has always been an effective mechanism to interconnect different kinds of people all over the globe despite distance constraints and with each and every day, we are introduced to different scenarios where such characteristic comes into full function. One of these would be those that concern funeral services. Did you know that such happenings can be broadcasted online with the help of modern technology and some solid Internet connection? Read the rest of this article to learn more about this innovative and convenient discovery.

Nowadays, funeral homes have found a way to provide an accessible venue for grieving families to take part in the services of their deceased loved one although they are physically distant from the actual services. By utilizing web cameras, they can record all that is taking place during the funeral service and broadcast it online as it happens. This process is referred to as “online funerals” and they are growing in popularity. Famous celebrities that have passed away like Whitney Houston, have employed this method as a way of instantly sharing the moment to the singer’s fans around the world.

Online funeral services carry a lot of advantages to all concerned parties. Here are some of the reasons why this feature is considered beneficial:

Wide reach – As it is broadcasted through the Internet, all of the families and friends of the deceased person are able to partake on the service even though they are physically absent in the venue. Some of them can even provide messages that are beamed live from their location.

Non-invasive – Unlike using traditional video cameras to document the event, online funeral services use webcams that are carefully installed in key areas so as not to distract the grieving family. In that way, there is still a sense of privacy even though the whole thing is recorded.

Reproducible – There may be instances where other family members may not be able to witness the live broadcast of the service. For this, funeral homes can provide physical and digital replicates of the feed to them.

Indeed, online funeral services are an innovative way to address more needs of this growing society.