Looking Back at the Life of Roger Ebert

roger_ebertIf you love watching movies, you have probably heard about Roger Ebert. Ebert was popular among moviegoers not because he starred in any film but because he was a famous film critic since the year 1967.

The second day of April 2013 was a very sad day for all the friends, families, and fans of Roger Ebert because he died at the age of 70. Funeral services and memorial for Ebert were held on April 8 where everyone including friends and fans were invited.

Many people were struck by the type of reviews that Roger Ebert gave movies when he was still alive. He looked at movies at a different angle and he didn’t compare movies that are too far away in genre from another. This made his reviews more appropriate for the fans of specific genres. He was also honest about his reviews and he gave little to no stars for films that were inept in the artistic sense.

The health issues of Roger Ebert began in the year 2002 when he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. He was treated as soon as possible and everybody thought he was going to be okay. Unfortunately, there were some major complications that led to a few more surgeries. In the year 2006, he underwent another surgery because of serious complications which lead to the loss of his jaw and the inability to speak as well.

Even with his loss of speech, Roger Ebert inspired millions of people by continuing to do what he loved most. He was still able to attend film festivals and reviewed movies. Ebert was also an inspiration for many because of his views about death. He stated that people should not be afraid of dying since there is nothing in death that people must be fearful about. After a long battle with cancer, he died at the age of 70. There is now an Ebert Foundation where fans and friends can send their donations instead of sending funeral flowers.