Motivational Interviewing for Health Practitioners

Motivational Interviewing for Health PractitionersThe members of the health care team definitely play a very important role in the care and in the improvement of the patients’ health. One aspect of patient care is communication and all health practitioners need to be aware of different techniques on how they can talk better to the patient.

Last November 15, 2012 an event dubbed as Motivational Interviewing for Health Practitioners was held at the Hilton Garden Inn Toronto/Vaughan. It was a whole day event from 9:00 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon.

Numerous topics regarding patient communication and interaction were covered. These techniques will be very useful when you talk to your patients about sensitive issues like symptoms that they have kept hidden, chronic diagnoses, death, and even talks on their funeral planning checklist. Talking to a patient about them getting better and their treatment options is easy but if you talk to them about morbidity and negative situations, communication might be very difficult.

This is the reason why numerous speakers talked about the most effective interviewing and communicating tools with the health practitioners in the Toronto/Vaughan area so they would know how to effectively extract and convey information to the patients.

The participants who attended the event were mostly nurses, therapists, dieticians, and all other health practitioners that are involved in the care of patients in the medical field.

Communicating on client progress was also discussed where the health practitioners can either give good or bad news to the patient and their families.

The techniques that were taught can show health professionals on how to be sensitive to the feelings of the patients while gathering as much information as possible.

If you apply these to your chronically ill patients, you might even be able to freely discuss about dealing with future funeral prices and delegating estate to the family.