Peel World Aids Day

Peel World Aids DayOn December 1, 2012, Peel will celebrate the 2012 World Aids Day at the Terry Miller Community Recreation Centre in Ontario, Canada.

Since AIDS is still currently being studied by experts and doctors, one of the main aims of this event is to raise awareness to those who have AIDS, to the people who know others who are diagnosed with the condition, and for those who do not have the condition but are at high risk of acquiring it.

The theme of this year’s Peel World Aids Day is “Getting to Zero: zero AIDS- related deaths, zero new infections and zero discrimination”.

During the event, there will be a remembrance and commemoration for all those people who have died because of AIDS through the offering of well-wishes, funeral quotes about death, and prayers as well. This day is really dedicated to strengthen the fight against HIV/AIDS especially in contracting new cases for the next upcoming years.

One of the aims of the World Aids Day events not only in Toronto, in Canada or any other place in the world is to get as much support from the community as they can in order to assist those people who have AIDS and those families who are taking care of people who have already been diagnosed with HIV.

There will be a lot of discussions about the disease including basic information about it, how it is acquired, the latest trends regarding the treatments for HIV, and most importantly, how HIV/AIDS can be prevented.

Since AIDS can take over the lives of those affected by it, there will also be talks on how grieving can be overcome. Families of those patients can also be enlightened about the prognosis of AIDS and the importance of proper care, including advance segregations of the living will and funeral planning services as well.

Aside from serious talks, there will also be performances and other activities for all the participants of the event.