The Proper Attire For A Funeral

Funeral AttireFunerals are what most of us dread to attend basically because of what the occasion means. Like any other event, there is a proper dress code that everyone needs to follow as it is considered to be a ceremony for celebrating, respecting, remembering, and sanctifying the life of the deceased. Therefore, this is a moment that should be respected as you pay your respects to the dead.

Dressing accordingly in funerals vary in different cultures and religions. For those who are not sure of what to wear, there is a general dress code that you can follow.

When attending funerals, it is best to dress in a modest manner. People who attend a funeral are there to mourn the loss of a loved one. Therefore, wearing sexy and too colorful clothes is a big no. Generally, attendees are required to wear black and, in some cases, white. However, there are some cases that their guests to wear something festive to lighten up the mood, pay tribute to the vibrant personality of the deceased, or follow the request of the deceased. This would all depend on the specific requests of the deceased during the funeral planning.

Other than that, the important thing to think about aside from thinking about what the deceased or the family’s request for a dress code, is the weather. You have to match your outfit with the weather of the country you are in. Therefore, you have to think of the kind of cloth that your outfit is made of on a hot or cold climate.

In conclusion, if you are not sure of what to wear during the funeral services, remember to always choose black if there isn’t any requirement from the family or the deceased. For females, a decent black dress or black top with long sleeves would do. You can also wear a dress or a sleeveless top but be sure to bring a shawl or a cardigan just in case. For men, a white or black shirt, suit, a long neutral colored necktie would do. Men can also wear a turtleneck top underneath the suit or whatever is decent and comfortable.