Remembering Those Who Died On National Stress Awareness Day

7937792720_a21cd7c8b8We all experience different pressures in life such as the pressure of fulfilling the different responsibilities that we have for our families, work, and other things. However, when it all comes in one big blow, it would be difficult to manage each pressure until each of the pressures pile up. The more you try to manage everything but end up failing how to, the more it stresses you out. Frustration comes when you keep on trying to solve an existing problem with everything you got and yet, it is still not enough. Because you are not willing to give up, you continue to try until it stresses you out. The frustration will eventually lead to depression. You start feeling like a failure. The feeling of worthlessness is usually the start of depression.

The minute you feel stressed out, that is the time when you have to step back and re-evaluate things to find a new strategy. Not all people believe in this but stress is actually one of the causes of depression and death. What’s worse is that not all people know how to handle and manage stress. Almost all of us had a friend who died suddenly because of a heart attack or other causes due to stress. We all have been to their funeral, sang funeral songs, and maybe have recited funeral poems for them. We saw how their family is struggling with their sudden passing and wonder what happened until we’ve learned about the problems that they have been keeping from all of their loved ones.

Handling stress takes out your strength especially if you are not used to managing it the right way. How we respond to it greatly affects our health. Our body responds to stress either positively or negatively. However, there are a lot of us that react negatively to stress. This is why National Stress Awareness Day exists. It falls on the 16th of April in the US. It focuses on the awareness of the negative effects of stress and how to handle or manage it the right way. It is also dedicated to the individuals who have experienced the negative effects of stress or have loved ones who have passed away because of it. Those who are aware of its effects dedicate their time and effort on educating those individuals who are not aware of its effects.