A World of Comfort: Funeral Food Traditions in Canada

Across Canada’s diverse landscape, funeral customs vary by culture, religion, and region. Yet, one common thread is the presence of food during a memorial service. Food transcends sustenance at funerals, becoming a symbol of support, community, and remembrance. Read more

Supporting Children Through Grief’s Journey

Grief is a natural response to loss, and children experience it just as deeply as adults. However, their understanding and expression of grief differ depending on their age and developmental stage. As a parent or caregiver, you can play a vital role in helping your child navigate this difficult journey. Read more

Compassionate Condolences: A Guide to Supporting Those Who Grieve

Grief is a deeply personal and often overwhelming experience. When someone we care about is facing the loss of a loved one, it can be challenging to know how to offer support. We may worry about saying the wrong thing or inadvertently causing them more pain. However, by approaching the situation with empathy and sensitivity, we can provide the comfort and solace our grieving friends or family members need. Let’s explore the proper etiquette for supporting someone who is grieving, so we can be there for them during their difficult time. Read more

How do I nurture my emotional well-being after the loss of a spouse?

Losing a person you shared formal vows with is one of life’s most challenging experiences. The death of a spouse is harsh because they are not only a life partner and source of companionship, but they offer emotional support. The many years spent together breed familiarity, so a spouse’s sudden absence can leave a profound void, causing feelings of loneliness and grief. It’s normal to feel emotional turmoil which can be very overwhelming.  Read more