The Death of a Leader: Margaret Thatcher dies at 87

Margaret ThatcherA lot of people all over the world may know who Margaret Thatcher was because her story was used as an inspiration to a movie which was released a few years ago. Margaret Thatcher was the only woman who was able to hold a position as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Aside from being a lady, she was also one of the prime ministers in the 20th century who remained in the office for a long period. She died last April 8, 2013 at the age of 87. The family will be choosing from numerous caskets where her body will be placed in preparation for her memorial service on April 17, Wednesday.

The legacy of Margaret Thatcher will definitely live on even after her death. Many people have praised her for her contributions in the political scene of the United Kingdom. But there were also a lot of critics that had said harsh statements against the first woman prime minister of the country. But amidst all of the controversies during her time, Margaret Thatcher was definitely a person who helped change the world.

Margaret Thatcher was known as the Iron Lady. This nickname was given to her because of the style of her leadership. This nickname only strengthens her position as a strong- willed woman who cannot be shaken by her critics. Many women all over the world are mourning because of the loss of a role model. Despite her death, her legacy and contributions will definitely keep on influencing other people. She gave women power and she showed the world that women can also hold high office positions.

Many people suggested that Margaret Thatcher should be given a state funeral because state funerals are the appropriate types of funeral services to honor previous heads of states and leaders. But families and friends of Thatcher stated that she once mentioned to them about not wanting to have an elaborate service. Nonetheless, the Queen of England will still be attending the memorial.