The Funeral Casket and Its Lesser-Known Options

Funeral caskets are often one of the costlier items to include in a funeral. For this reason, there are funeral pre-planning contracts that allow you to pick the kind of casket you want and pay for that by installment so you to spread out the expense. Whether to purchase a casket or not is not even an issue to many because the traditional way of laying someone to rest has been ingrained into their culture and beliefs. Those who are open to exploring other alternatives, to save costs or otherwise, may be surprised at the options they now have.

If you have opted for a cremation in your funeral pre planning, for instance, you may only need to rent a casket for the viewing before you and the liner you are laid on will be cremated. A cardboard box or those caskets made from lighter woods like pine or wicker are your other options if you prefer to forgo the viewing altogether and will just have the funeral service held with your urn. Sturdier wood caskets will take longer to turn into ash and can get expensive so you have to consider these factors before picking them over those made from lighter materials.