Picking Funeral Songs

funeral songsIf there is such a thing as the lighter side of funeral planning, it has to be the picking of the songs to be played. Funeral songs will set the mood of the funeral and if you are to plan ahead, this is one of the ways you can show to the people you will leave behind how you want them to remember you when you are gone.

Your choice of songs will also tell a lot about who you are as a person, so you can start gathering those songs that could best describe you, your ideals, and the kind of life you are leading. Funeral songs can range from rap music, to jazz, to religious psalms, and everything in between.

Families that are unable to personally pick the songs due to the suddenness of the death or lack of time, they can turn to the director of funeral homes for assistance. They will be guided on the traditional songs that are usually played so they can tick that item off their list and focus instead on comforting each other and spending time with guests who take the time to console them in their grief.

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