The Pros of a Direct Burial

Direct BurialMost people are only aware of the traditional form of funeral where there is a full- service type of ceremony. Although many individuals still prefer the customary funeral, budget constraints and increasing prices of burial essentials have opened the options of the consumers to look for cheaper alternatives. One of them is the direct form of burial.

Direct burial is quite similar to direct cremation. Direct cremation is popular since it is commonly offered across many funeral homes where the body is cremated a few hours after death. In direct burial the process is the same but instead of cremating the body, it is buried shortly after it has been pronounced dead.

Here are the pros of getting direct burial:

  • Gives you more savings. Direct burial will be the perfect option for those families who would still want their deceased family member to be buried instead of cremated but are under a very tight budget. When your beliefs and cultures prohibit cremation, you can have the direct type of burial to still conform to your traditions even if you are running low on cash. Direct burials are a lot cheaper than full-service funerals because you won’t need an expensive casket or a service that can increase the costs instantly.
  • Helps some members of the family recover from the grieving process quickly. Sometimes, it would still hurt a lot when you keep seeing caskets of loved ones displayed rather than not seeing them anymore. With direct burial, close families and friends will be brought to reality that their loved one is finally in his resting place and that they would need to start living life without him. This is also very effective especially when the deceased has committed suicide because it will help people forget about the way he died and just remember the life that they have shared.