The Sopranos cast member James Gandolfini dies at 51

James Gandolfini If you have been following the hit show ‘The Sopranos’ which ended its run in the year 2007, moat likely you know James Gandolfini very well. He actually played the role of Tony Soprano in the series and this role made him a popular personality in television.

Gandolfini was in Italy for a trip with his son when he had a heart attack. He died last June 19, 2013. Gandolfini is survived by his wife, his son, and his young daughter. There are no definite plans about the funeral services yet especially now that everyone is still in shock about what happened.

Gandolfini was born in New Jersey but his parents grew up in Italy. This is the reason why Gandolfini and his family always take the time to visit Italy. Unfortunately, this recent trip with his son didn’t end very well since he reportedly suffered a heart attack while he was in a restroom. The medics were able to get James Gandolfini alive from the hotel. Unfortunately, he eventually passed away. His death was a surprise not only to the fans of the show but to the other members of the cast as well.

Steve Schirripa who was James’ co-stars in the Sopranos was one of the people who voiced out his grief and disbelief about the death of his friend. He said that the entire cast was crying when they heard the news as they were called one by one by the producers and the manager of Gandolfini.

Friends, families, and fans of Gandolfini have offered funeral flowers. His wife is grieving. They got married in 2008. Gandolfini will be remembered by his dedication towards his role and his loyalty towards his friends and family.

Behind his very tough exterior was actually a very sweet and sensitive guy. And his presence will surely be missed not only by his family and friends but also by his fans who were expecting to see Gandolfini in future television series and movies.