Ways for Funerals to go Green

funeral pre planningFamilies who do not wish to harm the environment while putting their loved ones to rest, may incorporate greener options into their funeral planning. The exposure of funeral home workers to hazardous embalming chemicals, for instance, can be done away with if they choose to have the body refrigerated instead. For viewing purposes, they can specify that only non-toxic formulations be used for the embalming. For those desiring to be cremated, it had been put out there that the mercury from your dental work is given off as a by-product, among others. Instructions to have these fillings removed prior to the cremation can help address that concern.

For those who wish to be buried, on the other hand, they can purchase those funeral caskets that are biodegradable and then work with cemeteries that are starting to do away with vaulted burial practices that box in the casket in a cemented vault. Even in the area of caring for the cemeteries’ landscaping has the alternative of switching to the non-use of pesticide on their plants. If you are intent on going green, you may want to take the time to search for these cemeteries.



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