What to wear in a Funeral

funeral services mississaguaA funeral may be considered as a major life event especially if the deceased is a loved one or a family member. There are certain funeral etiquettes that family and guests must follow. In accordance with that, dress code should also be observed.

Dressing had already evolved through the years especially in major life events. In a funeral, people are often baffled and confused on what is the appropriate attire to wear. For some countries that follow tradition, this would not be a problem since cultural attires are to be worn.

Some families include attire in funeral planning. Family members will be instructed what to wear and guests will be notified by the obituaries or through a note.

Some of the Common Attires

  • For men, one of the most appropriate funeral attires is a black suit. Men do not necessarily need to wear a coat and a tie but a pair of dark dress pants, a white button-up shirt and a black suit will be appropriate. An all-black ensemble (black shirt, black pants and black jacket) may also be considered.
  • For women, it is important to use conservative clothing when visiting funeral homes. Women can wear trousers and suits. A black skirt paired with a plain white blouse and a black jacket will also be a good look for a funeral.
  • Dresses could also be worn in these events. Even before modernization, women always wear dresses during funeral services. The dress must not be too low cut in the front or in the back, and the skirt should be of decent length.
  • The color should be neutral or dark and never flashy.
  • A hat and a pair of gloves are also common accessories worn by women during funerals.
  • Children should also dress appropriately. A Sunday dress in dark color can be worn by a little girl while the little boys can follow an adult men’s attire.

Wearing black has always been a tradition in funerals but the rules are not strict nowadays. In some cultures like Buddhism, people avoid wearing the color red during a funeral. At the end of the day, people should always wear conservative clothing in events like this.