Password Transition in the Family

PINs and passwords are supposedly kept personally to safeguard any kind of property possible. But there are instances when these passwords should be shared to other people in case something unfortunate may take place.

Importance of Password Transition

Passwords, PINs and security words are great and very effective specially when the person is still alive, but once the owner of these passwords die, all of those protected assets will be frozen and will no longer be accessible to others.

This problem is very common among families in the country. This can also cause a lot of problems too. Having access to the deceased loved one can provide additional help specially in paying the funeral homes and other essential things needed for the service.

Guessing what password or security word that your late loved one could have used will take a lot of time and often times, security systems will shut down after several failed attempts. Hiring a computer programmer to infiltrate the computer disk can also cost a lot of money.

Ways to Store Important Passwords

There are numerous secured online websites that allow you to store important passwords and PINs where your family can access when accidents happen. The keyword is ‘secure’. You want to make sure that you are keeping your passwords in a safe online environment.


  • One good thing about these websites is that you can add instructions as to what to do in case something happens. Things like shutting down the account, splitting the money equally to the family and even details about the funeral planning.
  • Making this extra step will ensure that all your assets will be taken care of by the family and will be utilized according to how you wanted it to be used.
  • Because of security measures, some websites may take a while for you to complete this process. There are also rules and conditions on how the family can access the information.


  • For those people who want to stay away from digital planning, you can always get a clean sheet of paper and write the passwords to the accounts that you have.


Whatever method you decide to choose, sharing PINs to the family will help the family focus on the funeral itself rather than focus on password identification.