Why Read Funeral Poems during Memorials?

Funeral Poems during MemorialsDuring funeral memorials, people often speak words and thoughts for the deceased and the members of the grieving family. These could be in the form of eulogies, songs, funeral quotes, and poems. But why do people read poems during the services of their loved ones?

Poems have always been used in ancient times as a way of expressing their feelings that they cannot directly say. This is still effective today because the lines of poems can show the deep emotions that these grieving people feel about the death of their loved ones.

  • Personalized Poems. There are hundreds of famous authors and poets who have made brilliant poems regarding life and death. Each one of those poems will be appropriate for this event. In order to get a special connection with the lines and the feelings of the people during the service, making your own poem will be a better idea. Writing a piece will not only make a special connection with the people who are attending the funeral, it will also allow you to vent out the feelings that you cannot express.
  • Quotes from Popular Poets. As mentioned earlier, there have been hundreds of poets who have written poems that can depict the sorrows of death and the celebration of life. You can take a few lines from these poems and incorporate them in your eulogy where you can expound why those lines have struck you the most.
  • Religious Poems and Readings. For religious people, there are poems that can be read at the funeral homes which are inspired by Bible verses and scriptures. These poems do not only talk about death, but they also celebrate the life of the deceased person and they concentrate on the fact that death is only a part of a person’s journey to eternity.