“Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” – from The Phantom of the Opera

“Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” – from The Phantom of the Opera

You were once my one companion
You were all
that mattered
You were once
a friend and father –
then my world
was shattered

Wishing you were somehow here again
Wishing you were somehow near
Sometimes it seemed
if I just dreamed,
somehow you would be  here

Wishing I could hear your voice again
Knowing that I never would
Dreaming of you won’t help me to do
All that you dreamed I could

Passing bells
and sculpted angels,
cold and monumental,
seem, for you,
the wrong companions
you were warm and gentle

Too many years
fighting back tears
Why can’t the past
just die

Wishing you were somehow here again
Knowing we must say goodbye
Try to forgive
Teach me to live
Give me the strength to try

No more memories
No more silent tears
No more gazing across
the wasted years
Help me say
Help me say,

“Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again”, one of the songs in The Phantom of the Opera, can be used during funeral or the tribute following the basic or direct cremation of a loved one.

This piece is very dramatic especially because it is used in a Broadway show but its lyrics are very deep and can captivate the listeners. The song actually has two parts.

The first few lines talk about longing and missing the person that has died while the second part talks about the grieving person trying to accept the loss. These two depictions of the song actually resemble what real grieving persons need to go through when they lose someone because of death.

When someone very close to you dies, you will long for his presence and you will initially think about the moments that you could have shared together if he was still alive. But as the days go by, you try to accept and understand that death will never be reversed and that you must try to move on from this devastating event in your life with the help of other friends and family.

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