Writing a Eulogy for a Close Relative

how to write a eulogyThe pain of losing a close relative will often leave even the best of writers at a loss on how to write a eulogy. Losing a grandparent whom you had spent many summers with or a special cousin who had been more of a sister or a best friend to you, can be a devastating experience so focusing on your memories of them can be both therapeutic for you and will provide a good material for the eulogy. You can share the times when you got to spend time with them and the way their kindness touched your life. The right words will just flow out if you let these incidents take over your grief.

You can also look at samples of funeral poems from the internet to inspire you to get started. Describing what made your relative’s traits and characteristics different from the other people you have known will also have you filling in those empty pages quickly. In thinking about their quirks that often made you smile while they were alive or that everyone can relate to, you will be honoring them as an individual and as a loved one. If you have shared confidential matters with your relative, it is best to leave this out of the eulogy as a respect to them.

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