6 Crazy (Funny) Things that Ever Happened in a Funeral

26580185554_d446e549a1Funerals are undoubtedly mournful occasions. There’s nothing worse than losing someone near and dear to you. However, like all coins, there are two sides of it. Despite everything that’s burdening us during these trying times, humor has a way of injecting itself in crazy albeit entertaining ways.

Today, we’ve gathered some of the craziest things that happened in a funeral. We do hope that beyond all the tears, worries and fears, you could find a reason to smile (or laugh) after this post.

  1. Falling at the wrong time

“My step-mom was meeting my dad’s family for the first time. Unfortunately, it was at the funeral for his grandfather. Great Grandpa was a funny old bastard from Czechoslovakia and lived in Omaha, which had a pretty huge Czech population. At one point, the family members come up one at a time to throw a flower into the open grave. It had been raining recently and my step-mom got too close and FELL INTO THE GRAVE. She was scrambling to get out but kept getting getting handfuls of mud. My family eventually helped, but only after they were able to stop laughing.

Later, Great Grandpa’s brothers shared their Becherovka with her and she was officially part of the family.” – reddit user

  1. Thou shalt not steal a funerals thunder

“We had these two really active senior sisters in town, always out and about doing things. Never married, lived together their whole lives, took care of each other all the time. One of their friends died, and they came to the funeral. After the sermon, we are ushering everyone by the casket and sister 1 waves us off, and sits there holding her sisters 2 hand. We take the casket out, we are getting everyone into their cars and these two sisters are still sitting there. I walk over, ask if everything is all right. Sister 1 calmly tells me Sister 2 died during the service, and they didn’t want to make a fuss at their friends funeral. There were two of us funeral directors working the service so we end up splitting up (I stayed with the two sisters) and I got to do what was probably the shortest first call in history.” – reddit user, FunDirector

  1. The wrong procession

“My husband was carrying the casket to the grave and I was trying to tell him that we didn’t know those people. We were following the wrong procession from the funeral home! Luckily, the right cemetery was just across the street.” – Elsie G.

  1. That song, “Amazing Grace”

“I had a woman preach the funeral of her own son. After calling him a litany of derogatory names, she proceeded to call her boyfriend (who was younger than her deceased son) to the front podium, then asked me to ‘play that song’, and as I played Amazing Grace, she and her man slow danced in front of her son’s casket. No lie.”- Dylan S.

  1. My grandma the funeral prankster

“My grandmother was a huge prankster. She died on 12/11/10 it was even remarked that she died backwards. She was only in her fifties. Her wishes were to be cremated. Her family (her mother, goddaughter) kept approaching the funeral directors trying to get her ashes. (not all of her ashes just a little bit) The funeral home loaned us an empty coffin while her body was shipped to a crematorium in Houston. For the first two days at the funeral home she was not even there. The absolute funniest thing was when her ashes came back. They put her in a beautiful urn and set the urn on a table in front of the coffin. We told everyone that the urn would be her final resting place, just so no one would try to open it and steal her ashes. My great grandmother proceeds to walk up to the coffin and slam her palm down onto it screaming “my baby! My baby!” (then peaking out the corner of her eyes to make sure she had an audience) Had she given it two seconds of thought she would have realized the coffin echoed. The priest gets there for the actual funeral, he’s a dear friend of mine. He was in on it. He blessed the urn being that it would be her future resting place. Then blessed the coffin he knew was empty. Then the funeral director called the police who came and told my great grandmother that if she could not be nice she would be escorted from the building and possibly arrested. I like to think that my grandmother was looking down on her funeral laughing her ass off.” – reddit user Givemeabreak_L-Lou

  1. And the award for worst timing is..

‘“Not while i was working, but when my father passed away, I was making his arrangements at another funeral home and the funeral director asked me out on a date. Just wasn’t the appropriate time.” – Rachel K


How about you? Do you have a funny funeral story you’d like to share?